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Let us help you…

Win the Lost in Your Area…

(and fill your church with New Believers)

The KEY is to get the lost to come to Church!

(You can't catch fish in an empty pond.)

Dana will supply your church members with "FREE TICKETS" to use as "INVITATIONS" ...they invite their lost friends, co-workers, and family to a "CONCERT". Remember, we're "FISHING FOR MEN" here.
The backs of the "tickets" mention some of Dana's credits: Songs recorded by Petra, Hosanna Integrity, Lorrie Morgan, Aaron Tippen, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jeff Foxworthy and many others. (in other words... we're talkin' bait)
It's amazing how many people will come to church for a "concert" when they are invited personally... Especially when they don't know you didn't spend 20 bucks on the ticket.
It's not unusual to see 15-20 people saved in a service of just 150!
If your heart is in:
Blessing the found...
And bring Revival to (the hearts of those in) your community...
The Word in song is a Powerful Tool... (Just think how many scriptures you know... just because you learned to SING them)
Dana will bring practical teaching on "How to Live the "Word" in the World Today"... combine it with MUSIC… HUMOR (..."laughter doeth good like a medicine") ...and most of all "THE ANOINTING"!

It would be an honor to serve you!

Call Dana's office:

1-800-577-DANA{3262}In the USA.

615-459-0554 In the Nashville Area or Abroad 


Please Call for Fax Information.

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