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awesome things are happening... I know you are extremely busy... but please... take a couple of minutes and read the following... It WILL Bless ya!

I believe that we are living in the "DISPENSATION of IMPARTATION".
(Jesus said: "whatsoever you have received... freely give" (or impart) How about: "Every Good and Perfect Gift Comes Down from the Father of Lights"... guess who...

In II Tim. 1:6 Paul "Imparted a Spiritual gift"  to Timothy and told him to stir it up.

In the 4th chapter Paul identified this as the "Evangelistic Gift" {remember... he told Tim to do the work of an EVANGELIST}

In the 1st chapter of Romans Paul told the believers that he could hardly wait to see them... "that he "might IMPART "some" Spiritual gift to them."
Obviously... Paul was "imparting" the 5 fold ministry gifts by the Holy Ghost to believers... everywhere he went.... Now its our turn!

Anyway... back to the story...
A while back I ministered in a church near St. Louis, MO. which seated about 600.
The Sunday morning service had the usual 350 or so.  When I gave the call to salvation... 36 came to Jesus... (Now this is wonderful... but after 23 years of full time ministry... I've come to expect results like these... each soul is so precious & I praise GOD for HIS anointing!)


Then the Lord led me to give an altar call for an "impartation" of the "evangelistic gift"
(which I received, by the way, from the Holy Spirit through Pastor John Osteen in August of 1980 at Lakewood Church) ... the results were amazing!

Over 200 people came forward to receive from the Lord... I prayed in the Spirit as I anointed each one with oil...

About 3 weeks later, I got an email from that church.
The AM service had filled up...(that's 600 people)... so they added another AM services.

A few weeks later they notified me that BOTH of the AM services were now FULL
(that's 1,200 people!)... and that they were adding a Saturday night service to handle the overflow.

In a matter of a few short months that church went from 350 to well over 1,200 people!

And we're talking NEW CONVERTS... not church hoppers...!!!!

When you have over 200 on fire, ACTIVE  Evangelists in your church... anointed by the Lord Jesus and operating in the Evangelistic Ministry Gift... awesome things happen.
They go out and get 'em saved...at work, school, the bank, where ever... and guess where the new converts want to go to church...  with YOU of course!

I've had many other similar experiences lately... to GOD be ALL the GLORY!
In case you can't tell... I am on fire!  These are exciting times!

Feel free to pass this message around if you feel so led.

To schedule a service or series of services with Dana call: 1-800-577-3262
or Email him at:  Dana@Royal.net  (No church or meeting is too small or too large)

Let's win the lost to JESUS... while there's still time!

May the Blessings of the Lord Jesus Himself... overwhelm and overtake thee in 2003 and even more in 2004!



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