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GOD made receiving a FREE TICKET TO HEAVEN the easiest thing you could possibly imagine...

Forget all the hoopla that MAN'S RELIGION has fed you... None of us will ever get "GOOD ENOUGH" to go to Heaven... 

That's why God sent His SINLESS SON JESUS... to purchase each one of us a FREE TICKET TO HEAVEN! You see... Jesus NEVER SINNED! Since the wages of sin is death (HELL)... Jesus' sinless blood was able to pay for your sin and mine!

Many fine men and women have gone to war and given their lives to save us all from Communist Rule, etc. 
But ONLY ONE MAN (the SON of GOD) was worthy (sinless) to pay for our sins.

Think about it... what if you and I had dinner together... but you didn't eat... when the waiter came with the bill... he would give it to me. You didn't eat... you don't owe. 
I on the other hand would have to pay the tab.

Now... what if you were so kind as to offer to pay my check for me? I would have two choices... humble myself and allow you to pay for me... or... out of pride... choose to pay it myself.

That's what JESUS did for all of us. He has offered to pay our tab. But will we let HIM?

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Years ago I prayed a simple prayer that changed my life and destiny forever. I traded religion for a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with JESUS CHRIST... God's SON... The only thing YOU AND I MUST DO is... "QUIT RUNNING FROM GOD" Are you ready to stop running from HIM now and take a step tword HIM?

If you are... just pray this simple prayer with me... right now... come on...
Father God, I know that I am a sinner like everyone else... I know what I deserve... but your Bible says that JESUS is your SON. HE PAID for my salvation with HIS Sinless Blood.
I believe Jesus died for me, paid my tab and was raised from the dead.
Jesus... since you are alive and have done so much for me... I want to give my life to you... right now!
Come and live inside of me... I want to be JESUS POSSESSED. I receive you... Jesus... right now as my LORD and my SAVIOR.
When I die I know I WILL GO TO HEAVEN because the BIBLE says so!
Lord Jesus... drive out all of the darkness from within me and fill me with your life, light and HOLY SPIRIT. Lead me to a church where I can grow in you.
Thank you Jesus... for hearing and answering my prayer... I belong to you... use me to share you with others from this day on... in Jesus Name I pray... AMEN!

If you just prayed that prayer... tell somebody... REFUSE to be ashamed of Jesus! He said that if you will confess HIM before men... HE will confess you before the Father and the Holy Angels!
What a deal!
Congratulations... your are now in the family of GOD! Please let us know of your decision.

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